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How can I share The Chosen?

Thank you so much for wanting to share The Chosen with your friends and family!. You can use the 'Share' feature in the app to spread The Chosen on your social pages. You can send a link directly to friends or family as a text or email, or directly t

How to login to Gift Store (Forgot My Password)

Forgotten your Password?. 1) Go to Select Account in the top right corner of the page. 2) Click on the "forgot your password?" link. 3) Enter your email address in the field just above "Reset Password". And then tap on "Re

I want to help/contribute to The Chosen

Thank you so much for wanting to volunteer and help The Chosen. We'd be happy to send this information to the team. We currently are needing to hear your voice! See more information Here. If you want to donate financially please visit our donation pa

I'm not getting emails

We are sorry you aren't getting emails with updates. Make sure the emails aren't going to your spam/junk folder. This example will be for Gmail, but most emails should have a similar process. 1. Click on "More" this will change the name to "Less" and

When will The Chosen be available in my language

We do not have an exact timeline for each language. There are a lot of factors that go into translating and subtitles, and we are working really hard to get it out in as many languages as possible!. If you'd like to help participate in translating th