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I'm not getting emailsUpdated 4 months ago

We are sorry you aren't getting emails with updates

Make sure the emails aren't going to your spam/junk folder.

This example will be for Gmail, but most emails should have a similar process.

1. Click on "More" this will change the name to "Less" and more options should appear below. If you don't see those options, scroll down and you should start to see them.

2. Select "Spam"

3. You can search at the top for example: "in:spam chosen" You can also scroll down and find the email that you want to go to your inbox. Select the email and it should be highlighted and put a checkmark in the box.

4. Click on "Not Spam"

After you have done all of this it should move the email into your inbox. You may have to refresh your email for it to appear. If that doesn't work, log out of your email and log back in and it should be there.


If you are unable to find the email in your spam/junk folder please click below on "submit a request". We will double-check your email and make sure everything is spelled correctly. Emails are very sensitive, so something as small as an extra space can prevent someone from receiving them. 

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