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Do you have DVDs and Blu-rays?

Yes, you can find all available seasons on DVD and Blu-ray here.

What's included on the DVDs and Blu-rays?

Season 1. ●    1 copy of The Chosen Season 1. ●    2-disc standard DVD or Blu-ray. ●    8 episodes of Season 1. ●    English and Spanish subtitles available. ●    Region Free. ●    The Shepherd (Christmas Special). ●    Note: Improved versions of the

What video quality are the DVDs?

DVDs are standard definition: 480p. Blu-rays are high definition: 1080p.

What should I do if my disc won’t play?

Try it in a different player like a computer or laptop to see if there’s an issue with the disc itself. If you confirm the disc is okay, check the settings on your player and try adjusting them. We've seen this work for most people!. If it looks zoom

Disc 1 is missing.

Don’t worry, it’s not. Just move the paper from the left side of the case. Disc 1 is behind it.

Are discs region-locked?

No, discs are unlocked and will work for any Region.

Trouble playing DVD

My Chosen DVD Won't Play. If you're still having trouble, please contact our team by clicking the help button below or "Submit a Request"