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Trouble playing DVDUpdated 7 months ago

My Chosen DVD Won't Play.

  1. Try it in a different player, even on a computer/laptop if that's all you have, to see if it'll play there.
  2. Check the settings on your player and try adjusting them. We've seen this work for most people!
  3. If it looks zoomed in, you probably need to make sure your player knows it’s connected to a Widescreen (16:9) TV, it might also be called "anamorphic." It should have a setting somewhere (every player is different).
    Also, your TV may need to know it’s going to be receiving a 16:9 signal (every TV model does it somewhat differently). Once those are synced up and both the TV and the disc player know they are supposed to be playing back the video in Anamorphic Widescreen (a.k.a. 16:9) it should look correct.

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