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I have questions about the painting of Jesus and Mary Magdalene…

Where can I buy the painting?

Here’s a [direct link] to the painting at The Chosen Gifts.

How long will the painting be available?

We plan to stock this gift long term. It’s not a limited-time item, but of course, we can’t guarantee it will always be available.

Can I use any discount codes on the painting?

Sorry, no.

What sizes are available?

Is the shipping free for paintings?

Yes, all orders that include a painting have free shipping. Be aware that other gifts like clothes or books will ship separately. The paintings come in their own packaging.

Can you ship paintings outside the US?

Not yet. We’re working on an international shipping solution and hope to have it available in the near future.

Can I return the painting for a full refund?

Yes, all of our items are returnable. You’ll have to pay the return shipping cost and rebox it in the original packaging or the equivalent to get it securely back to the warehouse.