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Name In Credits GuidelinesUpdated a year ago

We're excited to include your name in the credits and hope to make this process as simple as possible!

Here are the guidelines:


1. Only names may be included. 


2. No other types of messages or scriptures, or abbreviations.


3. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, please list "anonymous".


4. There is a character limit of 50, which includes spaces.


5. Because perks are non-transferrable, only the person who purchased the PIF qualifies for their name in credits. Due to limited space, we cannot include the names of guests that attended F5K unless they are immediate family.


6. If the owner wants to include any immediate (within your household) family members, they are welcome to include them. For example, "Brenda, Bob, and Karen Smith" or "The Smith Family".


We're amazed and humbled by the amount of support that's been shown to us. If you have further questions, click the help button at the bottom of the screen. Thank you!

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