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Is there a CD and/or DVD available of The 2021 Christmas Special?Updated a year ago


You can purchase a CD of the music soundtrack HERE.


DVD: The Christmas Special Episode is included in the Special Edition DVD, but the musical performances are not. Because we released the episode in theaters, some of the content had to be exclusive to them, that's why we weren't able to combine the commentary and musical performances with the Special Edition DVD.


*However, you are available to view the musical performances in the app!*


What is available on the Special Edition DVD?

From the box it comes in, to the content on each of the six(!) discs, you’ll immediately find that this DVD collection is truly special.

Product Details:
Housed in packaging that features beautiful images from Season 2, the collection includes:

  • All eight episodes
  • Our Christmas special, “The Messengers”
  • Episode-by-episode commentary from Dallas Jenkins, creator of The Chosen
  • An exclusive roundtable with Chosen actors
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of the making of Season 2
  • A 25-minute documentary, featuring Dallas and the cast and crew
  • Roundtables with our Bible experts


How to locate the 2021 Christmas Special:

1. Open The Chosen App

2. Click on the heading labeled "EXTRAS"

3. Find the video called "OUR BIG CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: Christmas with The Chosen: The Messengers"


*To watch the Christmas Special episode ONLY, it is located under "SEASON 2*


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