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Name In Credits Guidelines

We're excited to include your name in the credits and hope to make this process as simple as possible!. Here are the guidelines:. 1. Only names may be included. 2. No other types of messages or scriptures, or abbreviations. 3. If you'd prefer to rema

Pre-screen access information: Do you qualify & how to watch?

Hello! You qualify for the Pre-screen perk if one of the 3 criteria are met:. HOW TO WATCH: You should receive a unique link through your email to be able to watch the night before it launches to everyone else. Please check your junk/spam folder or a

Season 2

We're so excited for you to watch Season 2! All episodes are available to watch for FREE in the app to watch any time. Search for The Chosen in your app store and download the app to watch Season 1 and Season 2 for free or stream from the app to your

Season 3

All Season 3 episodes are available to watch in The Chosen app for free!  They are also available for purchase on DVD and Blu-ray here. If my name wasn't in the credits for this season, will it appear in the credits for the next season?. Please Note:

Season 4

**All communication about the release of Season 4 will come from Dallas and The Chosen Team. Make sure you are tuned in to the Livestreams and signed up for the Dallas group text to stay in the loop!**. Dallas often sends out updates and special offe

When will The Chosen be available in my language?

We do not have an exact timeline for each language. There are a lot of factors that go into translating and subtitles, and we are working really hard to get it out in as many languages as possible!. If you'd like to help participate in translating th