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Pre-screen access information: Do you qualify & how to watch?Updated a year ago

Hello! You qualify for the Pre-screen perk if one of the 3 criteria are met:

  1. You have paid it forward a total of $300 or more
  2.  You have a current AND active pay it forward subscription
  3. You are an investor


HOW TO WATCH: You should receive a unique link through your email to be able to watch the night before it launches to everyone else. Please check your junk/spam folder or a second email address, as many people forget which email their account is under. If you didn't receive that email, please click on "submit a request" below


Because this is an exclusive perk, early access will only be available during the Livestream and for 1 hour after. We apologize to anyone in an inconvenient time zone, but it will air again the following night and then be available for you to watch in the app. 

Also, Prescreen access will ONLY be available on the web (; after it launches to everyone else, it'll be available in the app.

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